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Thread: Basic Ralph/Alf

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    Here's a picture of a Basic Alf label someone posted on another forum:

    It says "Normal waist, straight leg" whereas Regular (R)alf labels say "Straight Bootcut".
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    Quote Originally Posted by cabl3 View Post
    hmm if Regular Ralf was copyright infringed...and then the "regular" part was too..then why not just call it Basic Ralf? I dunno I just prefer Ralf over Alf
    Anyone know exactly what copyrighted name they were infringing on? I heard from a salesguy at a store that carries Nudies that it was Ralph Lauren who had problems with the Regular Ralph when they were introduced in North America, hence the namechange to Regular Alf. Anyone know if this is true?

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    I think it was Ralph Lauren, they had some jeans called RRL (regular ralph lauren)?
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    RRL = double R L, or rodeo ralph lauren...

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