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    Story of my Ralf Dry Selvage

    Hey Guys!

    Don´t know if this is worth a thread, but I haven´t posted in a while and i thought you might like this story

    So, after breaking in and wearing my RRDG for a while, i got a new pair of Regular (R)Alf Dry Selvage as a gift. I started breaking them in on a Safari-Tour in Mozambique (I always like a trip to be the start of a breaking-in-process, my RRDG were started while hitchhiking in Australia), so they got a nice share of sun, sand and sweat in the beginning. That was in November 2007. While being on the road in Mozambique, I got News from Germany: my girlfriend told me that I´m going to be a father in July `08!!!

    At first I was planning to wear the Selvage (R)Alf only for 6 months before washing them, but now I´m gonna wear them till the day our baby is born

    Pictures are about to follow in the next days.
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    congratulations dude!!

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    Omg Congratulationssssssssssssssssssssss

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    Congrats and a nice idea! ;)

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    If the baby will be male, name him ralf

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    I like this story. :)
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    lol naming ur son ralf will be cool mate. congrats !
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    Congrats and welcome back!

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    great news man. Congrats to you and your girlfriend!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dalenzo View Post
    lol naming ur son ralf will be cool mate. congrats !
    Or perhaps naming him/her Selvage.

    Great story. Congratulations!!!

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