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    hmm, interesting debate, we should start a new thread for this before it gets too out of hand...

    but personally, i'm not a fan of altering jeans because they were designed so. if i wanted a different fit, i should've bought a different jean... it's just something i'm nit picky about, i guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregory View Post
    is it just me? or do people who can't wear slim cuts seem to be the only ones who really complain about the abundance of them?...
    this seems to be the case, generally speaking.

    however, it is also true that there is too many slim fit jeans around (which i like )

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeauIXI View Post

    I've tried all these pairs on, and if anyone would like to ask about the fits, or sizing questions, you can fire away.
    Does the slim guy black version run true to tag size, or should i size up/down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeauIXI View Post
    Humm, I've been invited to go to the launch party at Dutil down here, celebrating the brand.

    Skinny Guy Silk Denim
    I like this one, both the fit and the look of the denim. So it has silk in it? What does that, ehm, do?
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    i agree this one looks the most unique and interesting. I wonder how it feels...

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    according to BiG....those are 67% cotton/30% silk/3% elastane

    i bet those are SOFT!!

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    it also sounds like it will stretch alot?

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    As far as the silk denim goes, it's soft, but it's not as incredible as you'd think. The sensation of touching it is almost like.. I wanna' say fishscale? I think these ones run true to size in the waist, but they're extremely tapered, see, so if you get your proper waist size, the calves will be extremely tight, but if you get a size that fits your calves perfectly, then they're basically just hanging on by your thighs, as the waist would be, in this situation, far too large. They fit like leggings on me, but then, I do have old growth sequoias for thighs, so don't take my word on this fit.

    The slim guy is a fab fit, Mike. It does run pretty true to size, and it's just all in all, like, a really, really nice and neutral fit. Plus the denim is actually pretty damn impressive. Although I can't really speak for the stretch on N&F, since they're relatively new, and not many people have had much legs in experience. Even Steven, maybe Grim Tim for closest Nudie fit.

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    interesting brand, but i'm looking to try it on, any shop else close to Thailand more than BiG
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    Quote Originally Posted by superslim_zac View Post
    does anyone know how to get in contact with N&F denim?
    you could try this

    anybody knows how's the stretch on these ones? they seem to stretch like APC when looked at their site.

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