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    Quote Originally Posted by iGIT View Post
    What im really interested about is Natural Indigo Organic Selvedge which is about 13oz and is about $120. $20 cheaper then APC's
    Quote Originally Posted by Tiro View Post
    cheaper then APC for natural indigo, yeah these must be REAL quality!
    I think that's the price for the base model selvage jean. I think the natural indigo streaky would be a bit more. From the pics, quality looks good. Can't tell until you've got them in your hands I guess. $200-$120? If they become more accessible, I'll definitely give them a try.

    I'm more about the denim than the cut of a pair of jeans. Just give me the basic 5 pocket design, I'm happy. And you can't fault the original 501 cut. Sized up/down or in between. There's so many different mills out there producing different denims. There's more than enough to choose from from the major mills, much less the smaller boutique mills. I really want to go to one of those textiles exhibitions where the major mills showcase their new denim lines. That would be awesome.

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    As a -my member name says it all- big 501 fan, I am so gratified to read this praise for the original 501 cut. Could not put it better. Had the rare chance to buy a first generation LVC shrink-to-fit reproduction (Ebay), not as tight as I really like it, but still, it ain't getting better than that!
    Keep your jeans on---and let nothing come in between you and the denim !

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    Humm, I've been invited to go to the launch party at Dutil down here, celebrating the brand.

    I'll be sure to report on quality.

    I like the 30% silk idea, and the organic selvage idea, with the green selvage line that I'd been championing as my own idea in the All Organic in 2010 thread.. Apparently Vancouverites all think the same.

    Here're some pictures.

    Slim Guy Black Selvage

    Slim Guy 21 Oz. Indigo Selvage

    Weird Guy Indigo Selvage

    Weird Guy Vintage Blue Selvage

    Skinny Guy Silk Denim

    Personally pretty big on the Weird Guy fit.

    Hey, I tried on several, and though I'm no expert on the Japanese denim, they feel really good! Unfortunately, the Weird Guy was all sold out in my size...

    I've edited this one post like, three or four times! Somebody say something! Anything!
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    Very interesting but i wan't to see a worn in pair. I can never tell if i like the jean or not with these crappy model pics.
    Why don't they have a pic section with worn pairs like Nudie etc?

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    anybody know where to buy these? i found some on BiG but not in my size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueOctoberFan View Post
    Wow, another denim company making skinny-ass jeans. Whoop dee doo...
    the jeans cut looks ok, but ya i agree im tired of slim cuts throw some variety in there

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    does anyone know how to get in contact with N&F denim?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whenitsquiet View Post
    the jeans cut looks ok, but ya i agree im tired of slim cuts throw some variety in there
    is it just me? or do people who can't wear slim cuts seem to be the only ones who really complain about the abundance of them?...

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    i'm open to all kinds of cuts, but i do believe that the jean should be worn as the designer intended it to (examples: altering the jean, (not hemming, more so tapering / adjusting the cut) and / or sizing down waaaaaaaay too much, who remembers jeansfun lol)

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    I don't really know how I feel about the designer of a pair of jeans.. Why shouldn't you alter them? It's kind of like jamming with the designer to make a pair of jeans that suit your body better.

    Why not alter the shape of 1950's jeans? That is, in fact, what designers have done.. Just taken old cuts that repros are based on, and altered their shape to suit a certain group of people. Why shouldn't we do the same with theirs?

    I've tried all these pairs on, and if anyone would like to ask about the fits, or sizing questions, you can fire away.

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