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    RR with long inseam? (for tall skinny dudes)

    I've heard Nudie makes certain jeans with a 36 inch inseam, but is this only for large waist sizes? I'm 6 foot 4 and looking for a Regular Ralf Dry Selvage with a 31 or 32 waist and a 36 inch inseam. Does anyone have these or know if they exist? Thanks,


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    You should contact Nudie at and ask them. Maybe they can tell you wear to find them. Good luck!

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    Hey, I contacted the distrubtor, or whom I thought was the distributor in Canada. I got a pair of 29x34, but the was the best they could do. I really wanted 36 or even 38inch inseams. so if you find them let me. know John aka FilthyNudies
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    yeah, I've sent a message to the "forum" section on the nudie website, but it hasn't been answered yet. I've also contacted the Canadian distributor for Nudie ( and I've gotta call back on Monday to find out if it's possible to get long inseams. I'll post an update once I find out more information.


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    Well, it seems that they do make a 36 inch inseam, but they don't have any available at the moment (neither the distributor nor nudies). The distributor told me to keep calling back to check if they have them in stock. I'll post an update when they're available.


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    Quote Originally Posted by syndicate View Post
    Sounds good
    Dear jesus syndicate, your last 20ish post were all useless comments and spam. Sorry to be mean.

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    it's true.

    There is now an abundance of 20 or so posting forum members, with an increase in small stupid useless posts like 'sounds good'.

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    yep, sounds good ... lol sorry I was also looking for a pair of 36 inseams but eh cant find them anywhere I think I will have to go with rockers or imperials next time just because im excessively tall and I would like some stacking...

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    If you find any let me know.. I am looking for a 28X36. and I have emailed about a dozen or so stores a while back with no luck......
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