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    Nudie Jeans Website Pics

    If you look at the website of nudiejeans you got little pictures of faded jeans and people wearing them. But they have change the pictures in new ones. So here comes my problem i had those old pictures on my pc but after a harddisk crash not more. Has somebody just as crazy on nudie as me those old pics for me???

    this is a picture i am reffering to!


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    Sorry man can't help you. the booklet I have has these pics in them.

    Does anyone know what model those ones are?

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    i think they are finns
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    some ****ing awesome faded Thinn's

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    i remember seeing crazy FGs on the old booklet, but my memory isn't working too well to recall anything else

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    are the ones on the bottom photo in the middle some dry black jims?!?! i know they're jims......if they're black, they're amazing!!
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    MHP thank you very much!! wow great collection

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    no doubt all those pics look great, but these are pro commercial pics -> don´t forget all that stuff has nothing in common with what it looks like in reality.
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    Really awesome pics. I see a JP wallet in one of them.
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