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    They do look blue in some pictures but they are very black in person.

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    They are just friggin' awsome..
    I wish my SJDG looked something like that.. I've got zero assfading or fading on the combs on mine..
    But these are just awsome.. makes me wanna buy some black..
    Bibamus, moriendum est!

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    Thanks Cameland...
    I remember when I got mine, they looked totally blue. Next to DJ's or my RRDS they definitey look black though

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    Hey, are your SJDBs all cotton, or do they have stretch in them?

    I just ordered a pair of SJDBs off of cultizm, and god am i excited to start wearing these puppies.

    Yours look awesome, man. did you wear em everysingle day?
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    Wow those are beautiful!

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    did you wear them every day?

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    Bratlie, the greycast denim fades 3 times faster so if you still haven't seen progressions on your greycast i wouldn't recommend buying a dry black. ;)

    my SJDB is 98% cotton and 2% elastane, and i've been wearing them for about 3 and a half months consistently now. as an owner of a somewhat broken in RRDG, i can attest to you that these are discouraging. i may post pictures up sometime soon but they will look as if they've only been worn a week.

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    man, i hope someday, somehow, my TFDB will become somewhat similar to yours! will start rocking mine hard soon! thanks for the inspiration/motivation!

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    I wore them consistently for the first 4-5 months. Then I sort of gave up only to pick them up a month later and wore them consistently again for 3 months.
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    did you wear them every day?
    DoitsuJin and PeterFrampton: They are 100% cotton, don't know if it makes any difference.

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