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    Bootcut Eddy

    hey all just registered to say hi from the netherlands!

    recently bought my first Nudies ever, a bootcut eddy dry :D the shopkeeper told me i could wash it whenever i wanted but they don't know what they r talking 'bout...have to wait 6 months...don't think i can keep it up, how about 5 months
    for now all i can say is that they r very comfortbale and they suit me great! very curious to see how they will turn out, and if they look nice ill send a picture:)
    -Dutch girl-
    ps im not the only one with a bootcut eddy am i

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    Is Bootcut Eddie only for women or can men wear them too??

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    bootcut eddy

    well nudie is a men/unisex brand rite, so i guess they r made for men but i can't picture a man wearing them lol i'd have to see it first

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    That's what I thought.....I thought they were unisex but then I saw a picture of the Bootcut Eddie's and the model was female and I can't picture them on a guy - has to be a skinny bastard then.

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    bootcut eddy

    well im glad u agree with me! now i know im wearing a real women's jeans lol. well not 'real' but at least i feel better by the idea that not every man has the bootcut eddy :P

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    bootcut eddy rules

    :D I just lòòòòòve bootcut eddy. I haven't worn jeans since I was 18.I never could find the right fit, I didn't like my butt I was not satisfied. And now that I'm 51 I find Nudies!!! I bought the raw, the superwashed and a kind of in between wash and I wear them every day. I sound like an advertisement Anyway, I'm dutch too

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    Clear Blue is just so beautifull :)

    best color ever..

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    I guess I have to go get myself a pair of Eddys now then. :D

    ...or should I call them Bootcut Ola....I saw that they changed the name, why????

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    Bootcut Eddy is being discontinued, that is, no longer manufactured. According to our source at Nudie Jeans, Eddy was discontinued because it had a female cut and therefore dropped when they released the Denim Birds brand.

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