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    Hey All,

    I pretty new to wearing raw denim. I've seen some great results throughout the forum and am looking for some help. I understand that you want a nice worn look on your nudies before washing, so to wait around 6 months or until you have a desired worn look.

    I'm confused about when to soak denim. I've seen nice shots and people said that they have soaked their denim and washed it. When does one know when to soak the denim?

    Thanks in advance.

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    ^In general you soak unsanforized raw denim before the first wear, to shrink it to tagged size and get the starch out in order to prevent rips. You can also soak sanforized denim if you dislike the feeling of starched denim. It doesn't affect the fading outcome.
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    I think you posted in the wrong thread, but whatever.

    _Peoples often talk about an "inital soak". Thats for unsanforized denim (usually from japan) and they do that because that type of denim shrinks alot when it touches water the first time(s).
    That is not the case for Nudie jeans, si It's not necessary to soak them before wearing.

    _Beside initial soak, there are different opinions about when to soak.
    I believe it helps removing some (not all) bacteria food stacking in the cotton, making the denim more durable.
    Denim looks best when it's old, and imo there's no drawback from soaking if it's not done too often, so why not help it live longer?
    For that reason I think it's good to soak once at 2 months, 4 months, and wash at 5-6 months. (of effective wear, wich is often more than 6 months after buying)

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    Haha I realized I posted it in the wrong thread when I couldn't find my own post. I had to go through my profile to find it.

    Regardless, thanks for the help everyone!

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