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    Misc. Question Thread (Regular Ralf / Alf )

    Please post relevant questions here instead of starting a new thread.
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    Does anyone here know if Nudie ever has or possibly will in the future, make a pair of RR/RA in that aged organic dry that the SJ has? I like the RR cut and there's no way I can fit into a pair of SJs (and believe me, I've tried).

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    I believe they did do a Veggie Indigo for RR.

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    The veggie ralfs sucked so bad in my opinion. The colour and the shrinking was so screwed up. It was expensive as crap as well. The veggie sven was even worse!

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    I thought people liked the Aged Organic SJs. Maybe they've improved on it from the original vege indigos. All the pics of the SJAOD are great. It's just unfortunate that I can't fit into a SJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cabl3 View Post
    Yea I saw you rockin the ALD's, would I be right to assume you prefer looser fits?
    (Those ald's looked much better than I would have expected them to....from pics that I had seen at online stores..they seemed too baggy...but great fit on you man.)
    Thanks cabl3. I lean towards regular fits more than loose or slim, though I have a couple of slimmer jeans in my collection (XX-007, S710, KMW1980). The RRDS is my favourite Nudie cut, so yeah, hopefully Nudie will come out with an aged organic in their flagship cut.

    I think the SJ aged organic is different to the ESOD. I like the aged organic better.

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    just a rant - the more i wear my wrong sized ralfs, the more i fall in love with it!

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    Size for Ralfs???

    I bought a 33 x 34 in Slim Jims Dry black and they fit great :) what size should I go with in the ralfs?

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    a 32.
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