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Thread: Size to buy?

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    all that confuses me even more than before...!?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smoedi
    all that confuses me even more than before...!?!?!
    Sorry about that! Maybe go for your regular size in the Authentic Deluxe but maybe a size smaller in the Dry, as it'll probably streatch out at the waist. But like I say, there's no substitute for trying them on yourself. Good luck!

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    regular ralf dry selvage, buy 2 sizes smaller than your levi´s jeans,,
    skål! from pongo :)

    ps. I washed mine after 3 monts & do not regret it! ´cause I am not a smelley cat ;) ds

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    hm, I have the exact same size in my levi's and my rr dry selvage.

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    today I tried a RR Streaky Slubs in 33/34 which fits VERY WELL! I guess I order the Dry Selvage and the Authentique Deluxe also in 33/34! :D

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    OOk, I also have a pair of streaky slubs waist 33, & they are bigger than my 32 dry selvage RR, strange.

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    i went a size longer then normal so they would bunch up a little more. i would recomend that. also the waist doesnt really stretch. get your normal size around the waist and a little longer then normal cuz when they bunch up and crinkle they shrink in length

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    Quote Originally Posted by xmr
    hm, I have the exact same size in my levi's and my rr dry selvage.
    yup me too, it s a little big, but expect shrinkage//

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    My RR Dry Selvage with the same length as my Bootcut Ola Dry (both 32) is much longer, I guess nearly even one size. About 3-5 cm. So what do you say now? I am not afraid about shrinkage at both. If the Regular Ralf shrinks it will be more perfect, if the Bootcut Ola does, I will stretch it back.

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    size to buy

    My flare glenn dry is also longer,about one inch,than my ralfs (all lenght 32 ).

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