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Thread: Size to buy?

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    So, I have been emailing Emil at Nudie and I got a feeling that Regular Alf is on a loose end. They're not gonna take in anymore of the Alf models he says. Damn... Better grab me a pair at Cultizm pretty soon.

    @Max Power
    31x34 you say. You must be kinda tall? Nice picture btw, where is it taken?

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    I'm 186 cm. It's taken in the italian dolomites. Thanks

    But that's bad news - if they discontinue their most classic cut.
    I'm still these nervous feet and heart of stone
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    Oh Dolomites, nice :D

    And yeah it sucks if they gonna discontinue the Regular Alf. I'm pretty new to Nudie but what I've been told the Alf is a classic as you say. Yeah yeah, time will tell I guess :)

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