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Thread: Pic of Grim Tim

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    fancy fade - why did you choose these over raw denim to get the more "personalized" look? I'm curious :D

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    Hey man. I agree with you, I really like the effects Nudie made on the jeans. Are they stretchy/comfy?

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    If you're satisfied with the fit, everything's fine. A bit of stretching should occur, but most GT are 100% cotton.
    I prefer the GT a bit looser for myself, as I don't like the feeling of skintight jeans, especially when it's as hot as today But it looks good anyway. Please post some sharp macro shots. Cheers!
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    Imo these are way too tight. And I think you chose the wrong length. combs are too low, they are placed on your calves...

    my opinion: return those and wait for grim tim dry red selvage
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    Quote Originally Posted by fairylicks View Post
    And I think you chose the wrong length. combs are too low, they are placed on your calves...
    You're right, didn't notice that at all.

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    wow that is true lol - those look pretty tight for washed jeans - my GTs are tight but thats because they are dry denim and I haven't broken them in yet.. but these look pretty tight around your calves, not to mention way too long lol

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    Thanks for all the replies.

    I'll try to react to all the points.

    Way too tight- no, I respectfully disagree. I like my jeans tight, I've worn them one single day now and they felt much more comfortable than expected at first. They are, of course, nothing for very great heat, but apart from that, the feel of wearing them is one factor I specifically like about very tight denim.

    And no, there's no stretch, they are 100% cotton, but felt, as I said, quite noticeably more comfy in the evening than in the morning.

    Wrong length-as far as the combs are concerned, you have a point obviously. But I'd like to point the attention to the location of the front damage/repair, this feels just right. And I have to admit I rather like the longish cuffs on this tight fit. I did not have any choice in either the length or the waist, these -and only these- were available at, let's say, very favourable conditions, so I took them.

    Why not dry: I already have way too much hardly worn denim that I just can't get to look really worn-out. Dry was absolutely no option here.

    And yes, the swirl, or if you insist, the swong, is painted only, both on the pockets and beside them.

    After my first day in them, I think it will take physical force to make me return them..... and in the (very) long run, some really worn-in combs will, I hope, at least alleviate the issue about the prefabricated ones being so damm low.

    Once again, thanks for all the feedback!
    Keep your jeans on---and let nothing come in between you and the denim !

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    seems that you really like this denim... If yes, you should keep them. But as you said, this denim has no stretch. I see a huge crotchrip in future... Maybe it´ll fit to the other distressed parts.

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    Hello to Kassel! I absolutely think once freshly achieved damage sets in, it will look cool and make the total impression only more convincing. I hope it will be at places where I can leave it unrepaired. (See: "Wearing them ripped", where, incidentally, there hasn't been an entry/reply in a long time).
    I saw so much destroyed denim at the bread and butter trade show, denim traders, employees, designers and so forth have such a strong emphasis on wearing their jeans with holes and rips and every conceivable damage, it's impossible that there are no denim heads around here who are into the trashed look.
    Keep your jeans on---and let nothing come in between you and the denim !

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