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    dry selvidge or greycast?

    not sure on which to get, can anyone find me a good quality pic of them both?


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    the photoarchives right here at

    go with the selvedge. nicest nudies I've seen.

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    you gotta love the color of the greycast. go greycast.
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    lol thats alota help

    iv looked in the memeber photo area but cant find clear pictures :s

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    quick question...

    but is de dry greycast hevier then the dry selvege? i didn't see a selvege that well, but i have a dry greycast (wich im very proud of owning them ^^)

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    No, it is not. The Selvedge is heavier and the best model Nudie has.
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    I really like both, but I prefer my greycasts. The weight is about the same, but for some reason, my greycasts seem 'softer'.

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    The RRDS is a better jean, period. The Greycast is a great jean, but if you have the money, go for the dry selvage. I have a pair of both, and I would only consider getting a second pair of the selvage.

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    I have to agree with regularRyan. The RRDS just feels like a tougher and more rigid jean. Although I love the color of the Greycast. I bought the RRDG online because of the price, but today I saw the RRDS in person and couldn't resist buying them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epilogue
    No, it is not. The Selvedge is heavier and the best model Nudie has.
    The greycast is actually heavier than the RRDS. I think its 14oz and the RRDS is 13.25. They are both japanese denim and both are great but i personally prefer the DS. Better colour IMO.
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