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    I'll try to post some comparison pics of RRDS and the real RR organics.

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    which one is heavier/thicker??

    I read somewhere else the greycast felt thicker and heavier in the past but this is prob not good point of reference

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    I just bought a pair of dry selvage ralfs. The organics feel thicker for sure. Also it seems the selvage run a tad bigger. anyways, just wanted to comment back on this thread

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    Is organic made differently?
    Like a method?

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    i bought ralfs not knowing about the boot cut but i got them for really cheap
    i'm kinda short and the boot cut is killing me like i cuff it and sometimes it drags

    i was thinking about getting them tailored so that they would fit more like a straight rather than have the flair at the leg
    can some tell more about this?

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    ^there are some people who tried to turn Ralf into Joes, which is possible, but you should have a trustworthy tailor. I wouldn't risk it, bt I'm biased as I like the (small) bootcut. Just browse the Ralf threads, it's in there somewhere.

    The bootcut is only on the inner seam, so the selvage line won't be removed, but I'm sure a tailor can tell that better.
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