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    Organic Dry Ralfs

    Apparently revolveclothing released an organic dry ralf yesterday.

    I might buy these rather than the SSDS I was planning to buy. Anyone know the color that these will get from fading?

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    WOW thats a really really good price

    Must.. not buy ---- errr --- I have new ralfs on me as I type.

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    just to make sure you guys know, these are even stevens if you ask me

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    Hahahah little mistake of revolve I think..That's Even Steven ;)
    Quote Originally Posted by drydenimbabeeh
    Were did you get those Vans? Found them at the shop man!
    Were did you get those Vans? Off the wall ;)

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    well not really a mistake by revolve, cause they labeled it 'new ralf', but 'new ralf' = even steven, not a new ralf... (way to complicate it, but you guys get my drift)

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    Yes, that's an ugly ES, hehe. And it should be named New Alf anyway, hrhr.
    "And you didn't like school, and you
    know you're nobody's fool,
    so welcome to the machine"

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    lol the regular ralfs hasn't yet to come out in an organic dry label (but they have the veggie indigo which is not the same as organic dry). on the rc, those are even stevens are everyone says. and ya revolve have horrible fits but will definitely look better in person.

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    When the Even Steven was sampled (for buyers to check out when ordering for their stores, well before the consumer will see it) it was listed on the order sheets as "New Ralf". The jeans say "Even Steven" on the waist tags.

    Here is how the Even Steven (formerly known as the New Ralf) fits when properly sized :)

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    revolve has the funniest pictures of people wearing the jeans. they're so unrealistic. i'd laugh heartily if i saw someone in public rockin' a sweet pair of dry denim like that.

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    ok so i'm confused. is the New Ralf Dry Organic on revolve actually the Even Steven Dry Organic?

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