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    I have never seen that book either

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    yeah man those don't look to hot, and like the others said, are factors that make us believe they're fake.

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    I'm sorry, but to be honest I hope they're fake. That wash looks really terrible.

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    maybe we should email the seller and ask him bout it

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    mannn..the wash looks terrible..but it might be the lighting or the camera..lets just email nudie jeans co. and ask them if they have produced RR one wash with yellow stitching..if theyre fake..mannnnn...that really sucks!!!!!!!

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    They look authentic to me. It's always hard to tell with the pre-wash because they differ so much.

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    I don't think they look like the other 'one washes' either...
    they have less fading I think

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    well if i may say..i think that is a fake one..
    first, bcoz of the fades and the lines is damn ugly..
    second, the stitches on the back pocket,i dunno wit u guys but it looks terribly terribly awfull for me..

    third, i cant find any info about "one wash used" RR..

    well thats my three cents =g ....[/url]

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    it has a terrible wash on the picture from ebay,, kind of weird

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    and one wash,, i haven't heard about it either..

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