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    RRDS leg opening

    Ok so i saw the size chart and it says the leg opening for a size 32 waist rrds is 9.4". I just ordered a size 30 waist and was wondering if the leg opening will be any smaller then that? I am afraid that the opening will be to big where the jeans will drag on the floor when i wear my shoes. Can anyone take a measurement of the leg opening for a size 30 waist RRDS.

    I'm afraid i should have gone with the ssds instead.

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    I think the opening will be smaller but not by much. It is usually all relative (smaller jeans = smaller measurements).

    If I had to guess, I would say the opening will be around 9"

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    got RRDS in waist size 29. the leg opening is 9"

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    Thanks for the measurement...

    Thats definitely not a good thing though. I think they will drag on the floor . Its ok thought ill probably wear a different shoe.

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    Yep, those openings are pretty much identical.

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    what I do with my Ralfs is wear then cuffed up for converses and sandels and normal for regular shoes. I think it looks good either way
    Im trying to avoid ripping at the bottom because I saw a favorite pair of jeans pass away after ripping from the bottom up

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    my first pair of RRDS, size 30/34, were already worn and washed by my brother. The leg opening is much smaller than my recent ones that are size 32/34. This may be due to the first ones being washed. I can pretty much wear any shoes with the 30/34 but with the 32/34 I have to take two steps then pull the legs up so they won't drag. Very annoying!

    I will post picks for you if you like when I get home to show you the difference.
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    i'm pretty sure on the size chart for rr as the waist gets smaller so does the bootcut opening. my rrds i bought in 28x32 and my bootcut opening is 8.25

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    from a size chart that i've seen (forgot where), i remember that the size 32 and 31 had the same measurements except for the waist, but the size 30 and 29 were proportionally smaller throughout and were maybe .25" to .5" narrower at the hems. (size 30 and 29 were the same measurements except at the waist)

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