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Thread: APC Denim

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    APC Denim

    anyone have some info on the APC Standard jean.
    I am a little confused on the size some say size up and some say down. Ideas?
    Is there anywhere where they have them on sale.

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    do not size up
    size 2 sizes down
    if you want more info, there is a huge thread here and in superfuture about them

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    it's always best to try them on though if you can find a shop that carries them around your area. i only had to size one down from 28 in nudies (although i have 29 olas because that's all the shop had) to a 27 in the APC new standard. however, the other fits fit a bit differently. the new cures are tighter, like slim jim or super slim kim, and are not selvage, but are great nonetheless. however i chose the new standards over them because i didn't want jeans that tight at the time, but i may go pick up a pair at the APC store.

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