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    Hmm, Slim Jim is a option but some people including me really dislike the double outside stitching.

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    thief, me and you have the same problem. i'll prbobly try on some rafls but probobly gonna go with slim jims

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    Yeah...I know its just my opinion...but I really really dont like it when a guy wears something TOO to the point where if you just look at their lower half and dont look at the shoes you cant tell if they're female or male? Yeah...I hate that, I dunno why...but atleast wear a LITTLE baggier! Its ok if its tight when you sit down or crouch, but not when your standing up, PLEASE!

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    i don't mind what people wear. i myself cannot pull off the skinny tapered leg look so i stick to variations of straight cuts or bootcuts.

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    I bought a pair of Straight Svens SSDSs - my first Nudie. I chose this over the Ralfs because from the pics I've seen, they look baggy! My bro has a pair of Ralfs and they look identical to the Svens.. Can't tell that he's wearing bootleg..

    I find the SSDS a bit tight down below... I think the rise is shorter than RRDS ? Anyone experience this?

    I am HOPING that this section will stretch over time.. But the fit overall is otherwise good.. feels slim maybe because the denim feels really stiff still... once it loosens up, I think it'll fit like a normal pair of jeans... I usually wear 32x32 got 31x32s and they fit fine around the waist...

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    It sounds like your question is concerning the rise on the SS, which yes, is lower than the RR (and it says as much on the Nudie Fitguide page on the company's web-site).
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    Is it listed anywhere what the RISE measurements are for RALFs compared to SVENs... ? Nudie site just says SVENS sit lower on the waist.. I guess this is normally done by lowering the rise... by how much.. hmm ?

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    i have a quick question...what do you guys think if i get a 28/34 pair and tailor them to about a 30 or 31" inseam. how much would that change the leg opening if i do not care too much about the bootcut?


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    why measure it not yourself? just measure the length which you want to get rid off starting from the old hem and then measure across the isn't that hard

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    thanks for the quick reply. i just thought that since theyre supposedly slimmer at the knees then bootcut, if i wack 3-4 inches off, the slimness will be at my calves and itll end up just starting to get wider at the new hem...whatd you think?

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