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    Just how tight...

    Hey all!
    Long time lurker, first time poster and what not.
    My friend got me into nudies about 6 months ago, and right now I'm breaking a thin finn dry comfort, and I love them.
    I'm used to tighter fits, so I was just wondering how tight the RR can get. It does say they can be worn tight, but just how tight?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    i bought my RR one size down - it fitted pretty slim, at least the people at Mode D'Emploi in The Hague thought i was wearing a slim jim

    i tried two sizes down too, but that was a no-go... the way it fits now is pretty much perfect for me
    DC4 Berlin

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    one size down gives it a nice slim fit. plus the bootcut helps it look "longer" and like lenn i tried 2 down and that just looked wrong. like my BO but worse.

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    I'd say get them as tight as they look and feel comfortable for you. They won't stretch very much, but if you're used to snug jeans, you'll love the feeling. So be a little daring and get yourself some nuthuggers. Enjoy!
    Keep your jeans on---and let nothing come in between you and the denim !

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    Thanks for the input!

    I'm a pretty slender guy, and I'm usually a 28/29 in nudies, So size down and take the 28?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thief
    Thanks for the input!

    I'm a pretty slender guy, and I'm usually a 28/29 in nudies, So size down and take the 28?
    if you wear a 28 in prewashies buy a 27, otherwise get a 28 dry one
    DC4 Berlin

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    The ralf defenitely looks good sized down, like Lenn said almost like a Slim Jim except for the wider foot width so it looks nicer with bigger sneakers.
    I also sized down 1 size with my RRDS from the size i normally wear in dry Nudies and 2 from the size i wear in prewash Nudies.
    They were pretty tight in the beginning, not uncomfortable but good tight, and now they've already stretched to a normal tightness which i like very much!

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    Sweet deal.
    I love my finns, but the fit is somewhat one dimensional. The tapering really inhibits what shoes I can wear with them, and I avidly collect sneakers and have about 60+ pairs, so thats a big thumbs down for me.
    And with the ralfs I could sport some selvedge too! :D

  9. #9 depends on how skinny your legs are. i wear either a 29 or 28 in sj. i've got a 29 in rrds, and they fit pretty loose. i've got a 28 in rrdg, and they're tighter in the waist, but still pretty loose through the leg. so if you're looking for something looser than a thin finn, but not "loose", go with a slim jim. i like having the variety, but i was a bit surprised that the 28's weren't much slimmer through the leg. if you've got thicker legs, they'd probably look tighter, though!

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    Yea, it really is all about the legs. I wear a 29 waist, but they fit a little snug due to my legs. See if you can find somewhere to try them on. Also, make sure where ever you buy them from, has a good refund policy.

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