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    Bought a Bootcut Eddy!

    2 weeks ago, I don't know the washing but it fits nice. Problem was that the Eddy's where in the woman department in the store where I bought them. It's very low, but very beautifull!
    Tip: buy them a size bigger then your BO (perhaps 2 sizes bigger then RR/SS).

    Great jeans!

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    BE is in my opinion still a womens-fit...

    Maybe you can convince me by posting a pic of you wearing them.

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    yeah post some pics i dont think ive seen a pic of a BE being worn.

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    Wil try to fix that. I can say it's not typically a womens-fit, but sure it depends on your body. I'm not tall (ca. 1.75m.) but I'm slim though. Enfin, it's a lovely pair of Nudies and I will picture them.


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    Agree it looks great on a woman's butt, my girl has one, but after all Nudie makes unisex jeans so why could'nt it look good on a guy...
    If you got the body for it , rock them!

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