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    this thread completely convinced me to get a pair of rrds; great thread.

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    I almost want to get a pair of Reg Ralfs since they're the flagship model....but now slacker jack is out...just like reg ralf but less boot cut...just what I wanted
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    Can anybody tell me how similar rrds are to the straight svens? I'm thinking about getting my second pair of nudies.

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    What size should I get in these if my true waist size is 32?
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    ^^ Size down at least 1 maybe 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottie2 View Post
    What size should I get in these if my true waist size is 32?
    I'd say my true waste size is about 31/32 probably. In the past I typically wore normal prewash jeans in a 33 or 34 waist.

    I bought my RRDS's in a 32 waist and found them very snug at first. They sat much higher up than I'd normally wear jeans and felt particularly tight through the crotch and thighs.

    Now, 5 months later, I love how they fit. They are able to sit a little lower on my hips and it feels like there's plenty of room in them for the most part.

    I sort of wish I got a 32 leg instead of a 34 though, but I haven't washed yet so perhaps the inseam will come up some when I do.
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