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    31/34 - 2.5 mnths

    love these. i was looking for a new pair of thin finns but they fit way bigger than the several pair i bought a few years ago.

    the tape teds fit smaller - so i could get the size i used to buy finns in. little more relaxed in thigh and the higher rise makes them a little more practical.

    being overdyed and my first organic nudies i don't expect these to fade easily, but thats ok - the deep hue is awesome and i have several superfaded dry finns already.

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    Tape Ted Org. 16 Dips Dry

    Just received mine. Man, I love fit and the feeling of the denim.
    I wander how they fade, hey dudes how is the fading on yours. Let us know, I think we're all curious.


    This is mine spanking new

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    tape ted size

    Hello guys,

    i want to buy a Tape Ted pair online bacause in my country we dont have Nudie jeans. I wear in Thin Finn size 32.
    Which size is fit for me?

    Thanks for any help..

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    If you buy a pair of Tape Ted in 31 - they will be 0,5 cm shorter in the waist than your Fiins..
    If you buy a 32 - they will be 1 cm longer in the waist.

    So i'm guessing you can size down, and take a 31 - they will also stretch a little.. But this depends on how tight you want them around you waist..
    But the measurements are:

    Thin Finn 32 - 43,5 cm
    Tape Ted 31 - 43 cm
    Tape Ted 32 - 44,5 cm

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    tape ted 16 dips dry is very hard for fading?

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    It's as hard as any organic nudie to fade.. But they're slowly becoming beautiful

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    hmmm, The same with tfodee... very sick slowly for fading...

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    to be honest, TTO16D is pretty hard to fade.. i've been wearing it for 2 months straight and i barely see any signs of fades, while my TFODT showed a lot more at 2 months..

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    yesterday was 6 mnths of everyday wear. now i have to decide when to wash.

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    Any pics?

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