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Thread: Veggie Indigo

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    Veggie Indigo

    We started this thread because it seems like there is an increased interest in the Regular Ralf Veggie Indigo model.

    Please tell us more about the Veggie Indigo, is it a Dry cut, material, etc????


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    Well in the booklet from Nudie that is in every Jeans the Veggie is listed under the dry jeans, so I guess it is dry. So it comes in a box with a T-shirt, and what size is that Shirt? Or can you choose that? Stewie, please make a pic of your Veggie, I want to see how they look like when they are so expensive.

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    Hi guys, I asked Nudie what's it about the Veggie Indigo Jeans, here's the answer:

    Since the end of the 19th century almost all denim
    is dyed with synthetic denim. The denim in Regular Ralf Veggie Indigo is hand dyed with real vegetable indigo. This traditional and natural way of dyeing with vegetable indigo is still practiced in the southwest of Japan where you find fields of indigo plants and small indigo dye houses. Hank hand dyeing, and old traditional narrow shuttle looms gives the selvage denim fabric an authentic and unique look.
    This old fashioned and small scale production costs more than industrial production and the production is very limited.
    Every pair of Veggie Indigo comes in special box together with a t-shirt that can\'t be bought separately.~

    So I guess, Nudie has a new flaggship, it seems that this jeans are even more extraordinary than the selvage ones.


    PS: the answer can also be found on the Nudie site, in the forum now.
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    know you're nobody's fool,
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    veggie indigo

    I don't have a digital camera on the moment,however i will ask a friend who has one to take a couple of pictures of my veggie. so keep on looking this site!

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    Yes, that would be nice, and don't forget the Shirt, I want to see it either. I hope they will have that Veggie in my shop here in Germany soon, so that I can buy it when I like how they look. I guess they won't be so long on the market when they are so limited.

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    know you're nobody's fool,
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    veggie indigo

    the t-shirt is a story of it's own. when i bought the veggie the shop didn't know anything about a free t-shirt and box. So i wrote to the managment of the shop,explaning about the special package and after a few weeks the answered i was correct and invited me to the shop to collect the stuff.
    It's an off-white t-shirt with on the back, in blue, the story about the manufacture of the special denim of the veggie.

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    If someone could take a picture of the Veggie Indigo T-shirt I'll be happy! :D

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    veggie indigo

    i will take some pictures of the shirt and the veggie jeans in the near future and put the on the site

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    Does anyone know if the sizing in Veggie Indigo is the same as Dry Selvage?

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    I guess so, both are made from selvage denim, just the dying process is different.

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