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    Nudies Grim Tim Black Black Slubs sz 30

    I purchased these Grim Tims and wore them around the house for about a week but unfortunately they were too tight for me in the top block. I'm looking to pass these on: retail is $180 and I'm looking to sell at $100. I'm willing also to trade/add for other denim.

    Waist: ~30.5"
    Inseam: 32"
    Hem: 6"
    Front Rise: 10"

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    Well darn, you're posting just 4 days too late, just got a pair of Grim Tims. Or rather, I should have waited 5 days and bought yours. :/

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    awww :/ well you could always buy mine anyways :D

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    Dude, I would but I've totally blown my clothing budget, spent like a $1000 in 5 days on jeans and tshirts. I'll refer your post to a friend though!

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    haha dang no worries i feel ya thanks anyway!

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    I have a pair of APC NS size 32 that I'd be interested in trading for these Nudies, practically new, let me know what you think. (I am in the UK btw)
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