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    Hmm, it's difficult to tell without pictures. I don't buy my jeans tight, but over the first 2-3 weeks they normally stretch without much pressure. Still, the main characteristics like thigh measurements will stay the same. so make sure you really want to go with that size, otherwise try to return or resell it. Regarding the hemming - I would wait approx. 1 month until the combs have settled, as this reduces the effective length of the jeans. Don't cut off too much at once, rather small steps. A hot wash will cost you around 0,5" on top.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirouno View Post
    I can still button it, but I'm freakin' out thinking the button might pop out! And the button is kinda digging the button hole as if its gonna rip! have you guys experience this? 2nd concern is, how and when can I have my nudie jeans hemmed? Thanks guys!
    reinforce the button hole & patch the back-button
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    Just a quick hello! To say that I'm new and I hope to be a strong positive member of the forum.

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    Hello! New here. Been lurking around for a while.

    Had my first pair of Nudies when I was about 14-15, best pair of jeans I have ever had. Not sure what fit they were though.

    6 months ago I got a pair of Grim Tim Dry Dirt Organic, I love them. They're really hard to break in though! Haha.

    Hopefully I will get a few more pairs, looking to buy a Nudie denimjacket for the spring, and also one more pair of jeans. I really like the Grim Tim Blue Bentley, or even the Grim Tim Strikey Green Indigo, but they look a little to bright for me. We'll see!

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    Hello everyone, I am new here as well. I currently have 3 amazing pairs of nudies- TLJ organic dry twill, TF dry black coated, and TF black coated indigo.

    The black coated indigo are waaaay tighter than my other coated TF pair...I didn't realize they were 100% cotton. Any ideas on how much I can expect them to stretch? Not painfully tight, but definitely not nearly as comfortable.

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    Hi everyone! I'm Francesco from Italy and I've just purchased my first pair of Nudies: Tight Long John in black black!
    They are on route now and should be delivered tomorrow!



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    Hey guys, can someone tell me why I can't comment on pics posted in the Gallery? I've searched EVERYWHERE and I can't find a box to type and post comment or a button that would cause a textbox to appear. Is it because I'm too new?

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    New Here, from Diesel fan branching out to Nudie

    Hi Everyone - I love jeans. Been wearing jeans forever and wear them everyday to work. I been collecting jeans for at least 10 years. Started w/ old school Japanese Levis, moving to Diesels, and then True religions, Rock republics (the good old straight leg & boot cut days), now moved to skinny's. I still love and own many pairs of Diesels but I love nudies too, especially would love to do the RAW challenge and get a pair of cool ones I keep seeing.

    I currently own a pair of Slim Jims and Thin Finn in organic dry ecru embo. Both of the are size 30.

    I am looking to buy a pair of Thinn Finn Dry Black coated. I've been creeping on this forum learning about them. Now I do have a question about sizing.

    I read on here that the Dry Black Coated should size down. so normally I'm a 30 in Slim Jim and Thin Finn, I should get a 29 right? or can I size down 2, to size 28? Normally my jeans laying flat measuring accross the waist is around 14.75"-15". would 28 be too small?

    thanks a bunch!!!

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    If the SJ and TF you already own fit good, I see no reason for choosing another size.
    What is your true waist size anyway? (measured from body)

    Do you know if Diesel 008AA denim becomes "more blue" with time/washes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamikaz View Post

    If the SJ and TF you already own fit good, I see no reason for choosing another size.
    What is your true waist size anyway? (measured from body)

    Do you know if Diesel 008AA denim becomes "more blue" with time/washes?

    crap i do not know much about 008AA denim since I mainly only looked at the 8Y9 Turbodenim that Diesel offers to speed up the fading process. any other washes in particular that you're interested in?

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