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Thread: My first pair!

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    My first pair!

    I just got my first pair of Nudies yesterday. I ordered from Cultizm and they were at my door 24 hours after they shipped! Very impressed with that.

    I got the Reg Ralf Dry Red Selvage - 34/36

    They fit very good, a little tight in the waist but thats expected.

    Really looking forward to seeing how these progress over time!

    I will try to post some pics eventually.

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    ^sh*t, i wanted to post this one, but slept on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atzec View Post
    ^sh*t, i wanted to post this one, but slept on it.
    How about this one then

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    ^I def safe it for future posts like this one!

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    let´s make this the new thread for our favorite flicks and gifs!

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    at least then we would have benefit from this thread.

    edit:cool, I found Ed before he bought denim

    would have fitted here too

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    I laughed my ass off on that headbanging Atzec!! :D:D

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    I thought there is a post count of 30 before you can start awesome threads like this.
    Is it that hard to read a post by a new member for the mods?!

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