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    ^ Really? I would have suggested 31-32 because I'm sure they can shrink up to ~2 inches. Not only that but I don't think the amount of stretch would be enough to 'counteract' the shrinkage. Unless of course Carson, you wear them while soaking. Still, I wouldn't go with 30; at least 31 :P
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    Im like in between sizes and i went down a 1/2 inch and they shrunk to where they were super tight and in like a week or so they stretched so I could fit my fist in the waist. They were snug even when they werent shrunk.
    But it really depends on what fit you want, size down more for slimmer, true/ up for looser/baggier fit.

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    lol makes me wonder if sizing down 2 was ok...

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    I bought a 501 STF (the selvage) model from the store 2 months ago. Tag size was 34x38, my true waist is 34. When tried in the store, it was fitting comfortably, yes, inseam is alot longer than me (was thinking of hemming actually).
    1st hot soak, hang dry, waist shrink to 33, inseam shrink to 35, fit is loose, kneebag, ass-flare.
    Wear for 1 week, 2nd super hot soak, boiling water, adding every 15 minutes for 2 hours. Waist remain at 33, inseam remain at 35, kneebag and ass-flare is better, not all cured.
    Wear everyday for 3 weeks, waist stretch to 34.5, inseam remained, kneebag and ass-flare come back.
    That's all for my experience, I have not wear since I got my FH.
    All in all, if you want a slim fit, I believe sizing down 2 is workable if u do it right cos mine did stretch considerably on the waist.
    Well, just my 2 cents :) and reading the 2009 STF contest thread will definitely do much help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jyoni View Post
    pm me your size, KeMcCaL
    I'm looking at a 38 x 38

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    Evolution of my 501 fit:

    Sized down two. (my regular waist 30, the jeans size 28)

    Intial fit after ( warm soak 60 deg for 30 minutes)

    Note: because i sized down two, i had to do some intense stetching while the jeans were wet. It is actually very easy to stretch the wet denim with only your hands. After i did this i wore them until they were almost dry. This prevented the waist from shrinking back.

    2 months:

    Note: even though i stretched the waist after the soak, they were still very tight and painful for the first 2 weeks. How bad was the pain you ask? not very bad at all and i got used to it very fast. It was easy to just forget about it. After two weeks of everyday wear i had a comfortable fit.

    3 months:

    after 3 months of everyday wear, the fit is holding up nicely. the waist is now very comfortable.

    4 months:

    after 4 months i started to notice the jean stretching out in the legs and butt.

    5 months:

    At this point, i think this was the perfect fit. comfortable waist, comfortable yet slim leg, and a little bit of stacking too.

    8 months

    Fit has stetched a ton. too loose for my liking. time for a hot wash.

    9 months + hot wash, hang dry

    fit is slim again. i like it a lot

    11 months

    12 months + another hot wash

    Note: after every wash i stetched the waist the same way i did after the intial soak. I stretched it with my hands and wore the jeans until they were dry. also after the washed i streched the inseam.

    I hope this was helpful to those that are thinking about sizing down. I did, and i am very pleased with the results

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    Wow, thanks for sharing this in progressive picture form, really easier to see this way :) I am guessing most people are going for szing 2 down after looking at your fit from 2009 STF contest.
    For me, as a size 34 waist, I had a choice of sizing down either 1 or 2 on waist. But I decided to go for size down 1, after re-read your experiences and compare with others on the 2009 STF contest thread.
    No offense, but having to stretch them by hand after every wash will be a chore to me. I'm too lazy for that, haha!

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    saxsnd1 youre my favorite pair in the 2009 501 contest :]

    does anyone know where i could get a pair of knights in a 28x34?

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    i cant wait for this thing to start. i have this gut feeling brown is gonna surprise a lot of people...

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    saxsnd1-- thank you for posting the info!

    KeMcCaL and pcjones-- I can check for your sizes when I select my pair (Probably tomorrow or Sunday). The guy I buy from sells the special finishes for 40 bucks, so it would definitely be a savings over the Levi's store. I assume you both would hope for true waist size in the sizes you mentioned? That's the only problem I might have, as he tends to stock only one-per-size-at-a-time for the special colors.
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