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Thread: Dry Greycast

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    Re: Dry Greycast

    Quote Originally Posted by Epilogue
    Hey guys.

    what can you tell me about the dry greycast Regular Ralfs? Are they like the old 'normal' dry jeans? Who can tell me how they come out after the first wash?

    I think they look like a slightly washed dry jean because they are a little bit dove. And my loose frank dry selvage isn't shiny dry blue. Also my regular ralf dry selv age isn't that shiny, do you think it is? The normal loosefrank dry is shiny and some flare en bootcuts.

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    I wore my Greycast for the first time today and it sure felt odd. They are very stiff indeed and I'm not used to Reg Ralf so they fit was a bit loose for me. However, I have a feeling they will break in very nicely. I think I prefer the coloring of Greycast better than any other Dry.

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    OK, here's a weird thing...just bought what I thought were a RR Dry Selvage, which is what it says on the Nudie label on the waist. I get them home, and on the inside label it says Dry Greycast. Hmmm, I wonder which one it is - it doesn't seem to have a grey colour to it - anyway, whatever, it's a nice jean and I bought it because I liked the colour - whatever colour it is!! Anyone else come across this?

    The Dry Greycast is a selvage jean, right? Because the pair I bought today has selvage...

    Confused! :?

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    No, the Greycast is not a Selvage Jeans. That's why it is also 40 Euro cheaper than the Selvage one. I guess the inside Label is right and a lonely worker at Nudie made a mistake and put a wrong label on the waist.


    PS: just look if it has a red stream on the inside of the legs. If it's so it is the dry selvage, if there are only orange stiches it is the greycast.
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    The inside label says Greycast, the outside label said Dry Selvage. It has the selvage (red stitching) on the seams, so i'm guessing it's actually a RR Dry Selvage??!

    Suppose it doesn't matter that much, I like them anyway...but they are as stiff as card!

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    Another member sent a PM to me with the same issue. He bought his RR and they came in a box and they have the red stripe and white edge but the tag says Greycast.

    Either they are starting to make Greycast in Selvage or someone at the factory has screwed up. I would be happy if I owned a pair of Greycast selvage. :D

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    Yes, perhaps it is a new model but then they should mention it's a selvage one. If it's a mistake it will be funny.

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    I've asked on the Nudie forum, so if I get an answer I'll let this group know what they say. Mine didn't come in a box though.

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    i have a greycast and it says: regular ralf dry greycast on the label. I don't have selvage but the orange stitching
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    Mine wasn't also in a box and it has no red stiches. But on Zoovillage there is also written, that it is delivered in a box.

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