Why Ripped Jeans Are My Favorite!

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    The ripped jeans are torn or ripped on the knee area or it can be any part of your pant. Ripped jeans have been doing the rounds for longer than most of us have been alive; they were in vogue and are always in vogue. Ripped jeans give a rough and tough look to any person wearing it regardless the gender. It is more suitable for youth than people of old age. It allows you to stay in touch with youth-ism and style. The origination of ripped is not less than any mystery, it is still thorny to say where it is originated from, however it is certain that it got huge fame in the late 1980s during heavy metal rock era and in the 1990s and 2000s during the grime era.

    In the years gone by ripped jeans was associated with poverty, the paupers were not able to afford a new pant so they continued wearing their old denim jeans and the incessant use led to wear and tear in them and it would not be wrong if we say that ripped jeans were actually the result of over-using but then some imaginative and creative people found it quite attractive so they started to wear it as style statement. And now if you find someone wearing ripped jeans, you would never call him or her a poor person, instead, you will end up saying that this a cool stuff in fashion world.

    How to rip your old denim jeans?

    If you see people wearing ripped jeans and you are impressed with their style and u want to have one ripped jeans for yourself but you don’t want to spend money and time on shopping, so stop pondering, here is the list of few simple steps that can help you make your old denim ripped and funky.

    1. Choose your denim

    Do you have old jeans in your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore merely because you are tired of its boring, plain design and stitching? You can transform your boring plain jeans into a swanky, funky and eye catch ripped jeans just by using few tools, such as sandpaper, a pen, blades and knife or pair of scissors

    2. Gather your tools

    Before you settle yourself down to work on your jeans, make sure your tools are accessible, tools have to quite sharp to make your job easier, if you want to give your jeans a frayed look then you can use sandpaper but if you want holes in it then you can work with the scissors or knife or you can even use blades to tear the stretchy fabric of your jeans.

    3. Use a pen to mark the spot

    After choosing the type of look for you jeans you need to opt for marking the spot where you want to rip, mostly people rip round the knee area, you can rip it on other areas as well such as the thigh area and slightly below the knee area.

    4. Start distressing it with the tools and fingers

    Spread your jeans on a flat surface such as on table or floor then Fray you jeans with sandpaper, loosen the fibers using your hands and then create some holes using your knife or pair of scissors, make sure you don’t cut you jeans as it will give a very unnatural look to your denim, go bit by bit and work with your fingers to loosen the fibers.

    5. Use needles to sew around the rip

    If you want to make sure that your ripped jeans lasts for longer so it is preferable to sew around the rip, this step looks unnecessary but it can help reinforcing your ripped jeans.

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    Let the denim speak for itself. Do not attempt in creating an aesthetic otherwise there will be no genuine appeal
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    'Source: articles online'.

    Really the point of a forum is to give personal opinion or experience, not to quote the internet on the internet.

    Also it comes across as spam, really. I think the OP has completely missed what this forum and raw denim are about.

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