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    Sup mynudies,

    So I have these Tiger of Sweden Pisterlero New Impact jeans which I have been wearing for 5 months now. For some reason I got really bored the other day and made my own starch(I know it's not starch by definition but yeah) with only hot water and salt which I put it in a spray bottle. I sprayed it on my jeans(mostly over the honeycombs) and wore them for a couple of hours in the crossleg position. Now(the next day) they have dried and are just how I want them, really stiff and with some lovevly honeycombs, but they are a bit blotched and look bleached(obviously the salt and not really bleached) where I sprayed the most. I think they look really really good with this but I am afraid it will look like shit later on(like this: ). I just realised salt usually leaves very ugly stains on boots and such. this looks pretty cool though.

    Anyone else tried this saltwater method?
    Have I dun goofed?

    I'll post pic later tomorrow.

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