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    1. No Dealers, Wholesellers, or Unauthorised Proxies

    2. No selling of goods on behalf of other people. If they can't sell it themselves that's their own problem, don't make it yours.

    3. All items MUST have an asking price and a currency, this is not an auction site. Threads without this information will be removed without prior warning.

    4. All posts must include quantity. More than 2 items of each style will be considered wholesale and will be removed in accordance with Rule #1.

    5. Remember, there are members from all over the world here so remember to specify the currency along with the price regardless of your location.

    6. No illegal software (this includes backup copies, bootleg/pirated software, games)

    7. No guns or weapons. That includes mace, pepper spray, or stun guns.

    8. No pornographic or sexually explicit items

    9. No fake goods (Rolex watches, clothes, purses, leather goods etc.)

    10. No thread crapping, if you think something is overpriced the seller will usually figure this out pretty quickly. PM him/her if you have a comment.

    11. No thread-jacking. (when someone posts a FS/WTB/FT thread and you post 'me too!')

    12. All items provided must have pictures with "tags" ie, pieces of paper with your mynudies username on them displayed with the item for sale in the picture. This is to stop scammers.

    13. Only bump in 24 hours

    14. No off-topic posting

    15. Tag your pictures. That means.....include a piece of paper or label in your picture with your username on it, visible to other members.

    16. Posts made in the marketplace do not count towards the members total post count.

    17. Once an item has been sold please mark it as **SOLD**
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