New style, different naming convention?

Discussion in 'Pipe Led' started by mattias, Oct 20, 2015.

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    New style from Nudie this fall is Pipe Led. I had to look at that name for a while. It doesn't seem to follow Nudie's traditional naming convention of using a personal name (Ralf, Jim, Glenn, Lin, Tim, etc)......unless you really think Led is a name. It could be. I searched the website for Swedish name statistics, and there are a whopping total of 2 men and 1 woman in Sweden with that name. You never of them could have been a big inspiration. :)

    Anyway, it's darn cool looking style. I want to pickup my guitar and rock out!!!! They are slim powerstretch denim that has been overdyed, so I'm sure they will create some crazy fades with time.

    Anyone of you have 'em? Tell us about yours!

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