Need help with choosing LENGTH on new GT's

Discussion in 'Grim Tim' started by epoq, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    Currently own 2 pair of Nudie AJ's 33x34. I wore them all winter, went with the AJ for the wider leg opening to go with my boots. With spring upcoming I am looking into getting a pair of GT's for a slimmer leg opening to go with boat shoes/flip flops. My question is regarding length. I am 6'1 and I can cuff the AJ's about 2 inches at the bottom and they still touch the ground with a 34L. I do *not* want to cuff the GT's because I like the way they look uncuffed better with Sperry's and flip flops. I wanted to know if a 32 length would work with the GT's because of the difference in rise. The Nudie site states AJ's have a 27 inch rise and the GT's have a 25 inch rise. Will the rise make a difference in the total length of the jean? I'm curious because I USUALLY can't wear a 32 in most jeans or pants in general (they usually look pretty high-water when I sit down) however the nudie AJ's are pretty long 34's in my opinion considering they still barely touch the ground with a 2 inch cuff (while standing).

    Anyone who has experience with both jeans? I would appreciate some input so I can make a decision on 32 or 34 length on the GT's. Only reason I don't go for the 32's straight off the bat is because I'm afraid of shrinkage in the wash. I have yet to wash my AJ's (had them about 5 months) so I can't speak to how much they will shrink length wise after their first wash. Any help would be appreciated!
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