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    Okay, so my raw denim experience so far has been as follows:

    Levi 501 STF 30x32 (far too big)

    Levi 501 STF 28x32 (fits on the waist, and comfortable to wear, but pretty baggy and look bad)

    Nudie Grim Tim dry ring 27x32 (just nicely tight on waist, but as tight on the thighs as I would ever want to go. Would also be nice to go longer to get better stacks).

    The above have all had 365+ days of wear, so I'm looking for something new. Too much effort to keep them repaired now, so good for summer days.

    I tried on a pair of 25oz Ironheart 777s in W29 but they were baggy on the waist and generally too big. Smallest size is W29, so they're out.

    APCs are out as my thighs are a little over 10" and to get a pair that fits my legs would involve the waist being too large, according to online size charts.

    I tried on a pair of Ironheart 555s in W28 and liked them a lot, but they fitted the waist perfectly and I knew they'd be halfway down my backside within a few days due to stretch. W27 and W26 currently out of stock. Available in L36, which sounds great, if they'd just bother to stock my waist size.

    It has occurred to me that getting something like a Sleepy Sixten in W25 or even W24 would work. The rise would just under 9", so much the same as my Grim Tims, but they'd be tighter across the very top (might put strain on the buttons and get sick fadez) but would be looser where I'd want a bit more room, while maintaining a slim fit. But they're out of stock too.

    Any other suggestions? Basically I want a pair of rough jeansy jeans (i.e. they don't look like eveningwear), relatively slim fit, and available in a small waist size but with allowance for cyclist's thighs and I can't really seem to find it right now. Ideas anyone?... I'm in the UK, not that far from London.
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