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    Hey! Daniel here. I'm a 19 year old student from Sydney, Australia.
    My obsession with Nudie began when I first started working at General Pants Co., a retail store for both genders, specialising in denim. Nudie is one of our biggest sellers.
    Since October last year when I started, I've been intrigued by denim! I like to think that my product knowledge of Nudies and denim in general has expanded tenfold, but I know I have a shitload of knowledge to attain...
    I currently own a TLJ Blue Iris, TF Dry Twill (2 months old), and GT Black Ring. My favourite fit is the TLJ for the way that it hugs the leg tightly yet isn't constricting like I've found other brands. However the more I break into my Thin Finns the more I've liked the fit!
    Anyways, see you round the forum! Nice to meet you all :)

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