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    I currently live in India and it's a miracle I managed to discover Nudie Jeans as they neither sell here nor ship here. Got my first pair from Mrporter.com, then from Amazon, then from Amazon again and then from Nudie directly who delivered to a friend in the UK. She then carried it while coming to India.

    I have found home in the Brute Knut fit though I think not many people may like it. I am big around the mid section so the Brute Knut is one of the two fits in the world that stay and do not slide down. (The other being G-Star Type C Tapered). I also have a pair of Nudie Tilted Tor but it's probably designed for very skinny guys.

    I am so glad to find this forum and nice to meet all of you. I travel frequently so everytime I am in Dubai, UK or Australia; I tend to order from Nudie and bring it back home.

    Think I will try a Selvedge Nudie next but can't decide what fits similar to Brute Knut (High Rise). May be a Fearless Freddie.

    Also, I don't know anything about Japanese denim and it seems to be all the rage. I think I will try a Japanese Selvedge from Nudie first before trying an all out Japanese brand like Edwin.

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