Earrings, plugs and other piercings

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    The forum seems a bit slow at the moment so a good opportunity to start a new thread.

    I'm one of those guys who's wearing earrings :cool:. Several years ago I got my lobes pierced. I usually wear black studs, so nothing big or too shinny. In NY or Italy no one seems to be bothered, at least not towards me. At home reactions are more diverse.
    -Some men and women love it.
    -Some like it but not for them self (men)
    -And some (mostly older people it seems) hate it and question even my masculinity.
    Not that it bothers me but I wonder why they feel so strongly about my ears.

    Personally i don't like tattoos, especially not for women. But I like all people who allow them self to do what they want to do in expressing them self. It's fun to watch and there are too many grey mice in this world. Although, on the beach, it seems to me that "everybody" has at least one small tattoo these days, so much for self expression ;-). Apparently it is one of those things people think different about, over time (fashion) and place.

    Here my question: I am very interested in what people "around the world" think about men wearing earrings, plugs, tunnels or even more extreme visible piercings. So if you have a opinion on this please let me know, and kill my curiosity.


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