DIY: Repair Kit - AWESOME!

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    Hi fellow Nudie lovers!

    So i saw the good old repair kit:
    Thought "ohhh cool! i want that" - cool to have in your back pocket. Both making a nice mark. And just having the feeling of always being able to do first aid on your loved ones!

    So i ordered the kit, from Nudies website, excited.
    What i received in the mail, after approx. 4 days was:

    I was disappointed to say the least.. So i thought a bit about it.. It shouldn't be impossible to make something yourself!
    Soooo - EBAY here i come!
    What i found was:

    Choose the biggest one, i could, while still feeling somewhat comfortable in my pocket!
    Took the denim patch from the repair kit, that fitted my Thin Finn Dry Ecru Embro - filled the box. (needle, white iron patch, denim patch, thread and thimble)

    Found a company near me, that made stickers. I was able to make the design on their website, and order it.
    I looked at some different pictures of Nudies - non of them really worked out.. Then i looked at the repair booklet - AHHHHHHH! (Lightbulb)
    So i made my design, ordered the stickers, 3 days later i received this in the mail:

    Awesome :D Put the sticker on the box, and here is the finished "product":

    Must say that i am pretty satisfied! What do you guys think??
    ohh and a picture of my pocket, size ratio feel thingy picture ;)
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    Kevin Kk

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    Nice stuff! I have got the same kit from Nudie's website. Of course for free(which is the best part!) Have you tried to put on another button? Do you know if there is a tutorial for that? Thanks!

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