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  1. Hip Al
    Hip Al
    Selvage Denim Master.
  2. kimsg529
    i love dry black coated
  3. sqsong
    sqsong haiha607
    hey mate is your slim jims available for sale?
  4. sqsong
    sqsong badgerskunk
    Hey mate. is your TLJs for sale?
  5. sqsong
    sqsong MiCurseZ
    mate, are your TLJ for sale?
  6. sqsong
    sqsong compton
    Hey mate, are u still interested to sell your nudies SJDS
  7. sqsong
    sqsong el_toro
    Hey mate, are u planning to sell your TLJDS?
  8. sqsong
    sqsong d.ylan
    Hey mate, I am interested to get some jeans off your sale thread, in particular the NF one and Nudies Grim Tim. Would u happen to have other faded denim for sale? And I do not check mynudies often, will u be able to send me a whatsapp message on +61478732989? I am based in Australia. Thanks!
  9. iNudieJeans
    whatever happens do not washed
  10. deadendpro
    people still come here?
    1. Ric2013
      Well, sometimes, but not as often as would be desireable. I tried to do an interactive referendum on whether I should was my jeans (7 months' wear) and no replies to that, but there is the odd bit of activity here and there.
      May 21, 2017
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