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7th October 2009, 05:02
About 99% of the clothes (shirts, sweaters, jackets, etc.) I try on and want to buy are a bit too long for how I dress, even a size small. Yeah, I'm a small person standing at 5'4" but I don't wanna hear anything about that. I'm sure there are people on this forum that are my height and have really good fitting clothes. One way I figured I could get around clothes being too long is to get jeans with a higher rise and to wear them down at my hips, or get more relaxed fits. Another way would be to get everything tailored.. Advice?

7th October 2009, 06:00
is it necessary to make a new thread? and i am glad i am average height. :P

7th October 2009, 06:17
Try extra small or have them tailored.

7th October 2009, 07:47
I know in my store, like many other retail stores, there are certain brands that are cut differently. Perhaps you have yet to find the brand that fits you.

...or just work out your chest,back and shoulders to pull up the shirts :P

7th October 2009, 14:10
My advise; dont sag... u wanna make ur legs look longer, so avoid cuffing too.
Tops; If ur not big on tucking (try it out with a few things maybe) u'll wanna just buy the best fitting size each time then have shortened as necessary.

With tee's u can always find basic brands that run pretty short (cotton on, but quality is not great). I have a similar problem due to shortish legs.

7th October 2009, 14:17
ever tried large kid´s/youth sizes?

i know a guy who sometimes buys stuff from h&m´s kid´s collection and it fits him well. most of the stuff is also cheaper then adult´s clothing.

7th October 2009, 14:18
hmmm i need advice. i have a fairly thin head and lots of hair (i can link a waywt post if you REALLY want) and am looking into some sunnies. any particular models you would recommend? only looking towards spending as much as a pair of raybans... not persols ;-) any and all advice is welcome!!!!

Edit: didnt even realise this wasnt an established thread. will move my questions elsewhere.

7th October 2009, 14:31
(i can link a waywt post if you REALLY want)

yes please so we can give proper suggestions

7th October 2009, 14:50
okay oldish picture (my hair isnt as long but same general style) but you get the idea.

7th October 2009, 15:19
Ray Ban Original Wayfarers will be way too big for your head. My Black Ways are a size 54*19. I got some of the "nouveau" Wayfarers to put clear perscription lenses is, and they are much smaller, 52*18. I would try looking for the smaller pair, they will fit you well. I bought a pair of the smaller ones for one my my friends, he is pretty small dude with a lot of hair (5'5), and they look really good.
good luck!
ps. Tourtoise shell frames will always looks less bulky compared to thick black frames IMHO.
The Black are 54*19
The Tourtoise are 52*18

7th October 2009, 15:25
hmm okay thanks for your advice. obviously due to the shape of my head im going to have to go try some on before buying them online, but some general guidance is always appreciated :-)

7th October 2009, 15:33
No problem dude! Most Optical places should carry both styles of Wayfarrers plus a ton of other Ray Ban merch. Maybe try getting the Clubmasters, they are like Wayfarers, but have a metal link at the nose. I want a pair so bad, but my head is too big for them. I would be jealous if you copped those. :)

7th October 2009, 15:41
Rayban small aviators?

7th October 2009, 15:41
WOODY, i say a pair of aviators!

EDIT, ha, we posted that at the same time LEMMY.

7th October 2009, 15:48
^ Good idea guys! I completely forgot that Ray Ban makes a smaller aviator! My Gf always tries to get me to snatch up some Aviators, but i think they look terrible on me
You would be top notch if you grabbed some Aviators with the old school sweat bar. haha my dad has a pair from his Navy days in the 80s. They are out of control ha

7th October 2009, 16:03
hahaha i do like the aviators but sometimes feel they might be a bit played out... but totally agree they can look good! okay so something with a smaller frame would fit my face best (ie the small sized raybans). thanks everyone!