View Full Version : fading

23rd January 2006, 21:15
Wich nudie jeans dry model has got the fastest fading? :)

24th January 2006, 15:25
I think that would be Regular Ralf Dry Selvage.

Considering that RRDS is the stiffest garment.

Well... maybe the Greycast.... Anyone??? :roll:

25th January 2006, 00:02
actually i think that the grey cast fades more quickly then the selvedge though it is a light weight of denim. The color justs eems to leave the jeans faster

25th January 2006, 10:34
I can be short about it ;)
Every jean can fade beautifull it's just when you wear them, how you wear them, how you treath them and how you wash them ;)

Even with a dry jean of 10 euro you can have a nice fading :)

25th January 2006, 12:05
The question was not which has the BEST fading, but the FASTEST fading.

I think the stiffest denim fades the fastest. (If worn tight, the tighter, the faster.)

26th January 2006, 03:13
wearing tight helps a lot, but even if they don't start out so stiff, there's always starch...