View Full Version : Fading on soft denim

18th January 2006, 06:08
I have recently bought a pair of Stray Boys from fos5 and they are dry denim but are much thinner and softer than I had anticipated. Because they're soft they arent getting the same creases as my stiffer dry jeans normally do. Will these creases form with time or should i try starching the jeans? Can anyone with experience with softer dry denim give me some info on how it fades in comparison to the stiff thick denim?

18th January 2006, 12:56
eventually the lines will appear. Starching them will speed it up...

18th January 2006, 19:43
Don't starch! The creases look way too un-natural after washing.

19th January 2006, 15:13
starching gives sharper lines. Indeed a bit un-natural.