View Full Version : music in stores.

16th January 2006, 18:32
what do you guys think of the music in the jeans stores??

I whas in "Antwerpen" (belgium) and I visited the man at work. the music whas played so freaking loud I couldn't even hear myself and the guy who worked there.

there are more stores where the music is played real loud.

I personely think it's anoing what do you think?????????????

17th January 2006, 11:50
If the music is good, the can play it as loud as possible!! haha!

No, just kiddin'. I think a store has to be there to give people ADVICE when they're buying clothes. Not just to sell, but to really give the customer a good mood when they leave the store with something.

when the music's too loud, when it's like I'm at a club or something, the sellers are held back in their capacities I think. And I think most people find very loud music anoying. SO: It's better to turn down the volume. For the customers and for the selling-proces. :!: