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3rd May 2009, 12:24
Hey people, i saw a thread about denim shops in the U.S and maybe i think we could just consolidate all the denim shops around the world just like the superfuture one?

I'm going to be going to London, Oslo, Stockholme (soldermalm most porbably) then Edinburgh from 1 to 17 June, going to be backpacking! I'm interested in getting higher quality denim probably, i own the thin finn dry stretch atm and i'm looking for something that's fiercer but with a similar cut. probably japanese selvage denim? can anyone advise me on places i can check out?

10th May 2009, 16:49
hmm bump bump!

10th May 2009, 17:49
hahahaha. back packing for summer break ah?

10th May 2009, 18:29
I don't know if the shop exists anymore but there was a denim store called haberdashery somewhere in Stockholm.

10th May 2009, 21:49
they have closed...check out here:

10th May 2009, 22:34
When in London you should try Cinch off Carnaby st and American vintage in Covent garden.
There's some nice shops off Brick lane as well. One of them is Butcher of distinction.
In Stockholm you could try Solo. Nitty gritty stocks a lot of nice stuff but maybe not the denim you are after.
Hope this helps.

11th May 2009, 16:14
@ Oejia: yeah, june holidays(probably tells you how old/young i am). you're singaporean i suppose?

@ Opeth, beautiful_freak, spiraltoy: thanks guys! i'll be in the 4 places for 3 days each, any suggestions on things to do/places to visit?

Mr HaGa
11th May 2009, 21:30
If you're in London definitely go to Uniqlo.

12th May 2009, 13:16
they have closed...check out here:

does anybody know what happened

12th May 2009, 13:58
hmm we have uniqlo over here in singapore already, but i think the collection is quite bad. i shall check it out over there in london! maybe it will be better. (: