View Full Version : Veggie or Svenska

22nd December 2005, 19:28
hey guys, i started this topic, cause i got the veggie and the svenska ( SS LE ) i was wondering if anyone has got pictures of these jeans worn for at least 5 months. the best ofcourse if anyone has pictures of the jeans of how they turn out after worn for 6 months..


22nd December 2005, 19:40
I found a pair of veggies in the photogallery worn for 6 months:
front (http://www.mynudies.com/modules/mx_smartor/album.php?smartor_mode=album_showpage&pic_id=22)
back (http://www.mynudies.com/modules/mx_smartor/album.php?smartor_mode=album_showpage&pic_id=23)

22nd December 2005, 19:50
oh thanks, i think i saw these pictures a long time ago..
i wonder how the jeans will look after the first wash,, im so curious!!!