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7th February 2012, 19:42
^I was talking about Mistral's pair. Point for you.

Will post more once I get another pair. Sized wrong, haha.

IIIrd Icon
10th February 2012, 19:12
Update: Momo701_ 1.5y/o = approx 10mos effective wear.

2nd seasoak [accidental] while in Guam

... w/c consequently lead to its 3rd wash. cold.



12th February 2012, 11:15
This is Great!!!

14th February 2012, 17:55
hi...received my MOMOTARO 0705SP today but the thigh and crotch area kinda tight (like no room at all)...also i cant seem to button up the top button. i purchase TTS W34 but maybe because of the cuts its kinda tight on me..anyway will these expand specially on the thigh? i read around this thread but kinda confuse some said it will expand but not that much due the the denim ...

maybe i should have purchase 0905SP instead....

14th February 2012, 20:01
Don't rely on huge stretching in the thigh area. I would size up. .

14th February 2012, 20:31
or really change the cut with wider thighs and longer rise for more room in the crotch area

14th February 2012, 22:17
Size up or get a fuller cut.

Man, can't wait untill my new sized up 0702's arrive.

15th February 2012, 10:49
thanks for the advice....i think i should go for 0905SP

Max Power
15th February 2012, 11:06
this or 1005SP, or 0805 SP. 0905SP has the longest rise and fullest legs, you must decide how much extra room you need compared to the 0705.

15th February 2012, 17:47
Max, those model u means are they TTS? coz cultizm say 0805SP ran 2 inch smaller? let say mine is W34 i need to size up to W36?

btw with 0705 i have no room at all in thigh....crotch is freaking tight and i can only button 3 from below (if i manage to button all up) it will be super freakin tight that i scared it might hurt my mojo hehe..anyway i have sold the 0705....

now u gimme dilemma...just ran thru some info of sizing from nordicdenimhouse now i'm contemplating between 0905 or 1005 (looks like 1005 is slightly slimmer then 0905))....

which model look closely similiar to IH 634S cuts? also any idea where i can find those beside rakuten, BiG, B.Owls, doesnt carry this model...or can u recommend me which shop in rakuten i can deal with...thanks

15th February 2012, 20:50
Now u gimme dilemma...just ran thru some info of sizing from nordicdenimhouse now i'm contemplating between 0905 or 1005 (looks like 1005 is slightly slimmer then 0905))....

As far as I know the 1005SP should be the roomiest cut, followed by the 0905, the 0805 and then the 0705.

16th February 2012, 06:12
Thanks Mistral, I think i will switch my attention to 1005SP from 0905SP. Again random check on measurement on few online retailers and picture show 0905 is a bit wider then 1005SP (Straight), and based on my observation 1005SP quiet close to IH634S (my fav cuts). but i will wait again for some confirmation from several emails i send before i repurchase....

refer to the comparison pic towards the end of 0905, 1005 and 0705


Max Power
16th February 2012, 09:52
Yeah, if I recall it right, the numbering system is confusing and 0905 SP is roomier and has a longer rise as the 1005, which should have a mid rise and slight taper. But I'm not 100% sure.

But I do have the 634 and 0905 and they differ in the top block, 0905 has a significant longer rise (which I like better). Also, the leg of the 634 is less tapered than the 0905s, but that's only in a minor way.
Regarding the sizing: the nordicdenimhouse measurements are in my experience very accurate. I wear a 33 in my 0905 as i do in 634 and LVC 501 44 & 201. but my 710xx is 34. Hope this helps a bit.

16th February 2012, 13:44
thanks for your input...i think i'm goin to settle for 1005SP now...awaiting reply from Vari or Tate + Yoko.

16th February 2012, 18:08
I am waiting till culitzm lowers the prices. They have some special offers form time to time...

17th February 2012, 00:26
I recall Kayo posting a fit guide, which stated 1005 was a wide straight, compared to the 0905 which is a regular/normal straight.

Could he mistaken though...

Max Power
17th February 2012, 08:26
To clear the confusion - I just looked up the official Momo catalogue.

0905:slightly tapered classic straight jeans, widest cut
1005: tapered classic straight jeans
0805: lowrise, hip covered trim line straight jeans
0705: lowrise, slim leg line straight jeans

So, 0905 is widest (like I said :-P)

17th February 2012, 08:26
hmm....i think its the other way round....0905 should be roomier then 1005...my only issue with 1005 is the inseam which is kinda "Short" around 33.5 whereas 0905 around 34.5 but should be ok i guess...coz tall guy like me prefer 34 to 36.....

also kayodic is a SHE.....hehehe

17th February 2012, 17:49
nope im not wrong either

i ever wrote it on Sufu, xpost

here are 3 fits of Japan Blue jeans ( slimmest - loosest)
The 0100 series; (based on N&F skinny guy) low rise skinny straight
The 0700 series; tight straight
The 0400 series; tapered straight (more roomy on thigh than 0700)

Momotaro Going to Battle Label, white stripes (slimmest - loosest)
0705SP; tight straight (low rise, slim leg line straight jeans)
0805SP; hips fit slim straight (low rise, hipcovered trim line straight jeans)
1005SP; middle straight (tapered classic straight jeans)
0905SP; classic straight

Momotaro Vintage Label (slimmest - loosest)
0701; tight straight (low rise, slim leg line straight jeans)
0201; slightly tapered slim jeans
0901; classic straight jeans

17th February 2012, 18:16
Sorry :)

17th February 2012, 19:27
finally some fit pic of the GrandIndigo
(just got them hem)
http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7195/6892147447_3029250c76_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/66336286@N07/6892147447/)http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7200/6892151507_99c4e78c0e_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/66336286@N07/6892151507/)

17th February 2012, 21:42
And a 0702!


17th February 2012, 21:47
finally some fit pic of the GrandIndigo
(just got them hem)

Nice combs already

Max Power
18th February 2012, 09:23
both fit great! And right, the combs look fantastic. How long have you been wearing them?

19th February 2012, 08:53
Danke , it just the 2nd time i wear them..still pretty new:lol:

19th February 2012, 11:14
Did you soak Hippocampus?

19th February 2012, 13:47
great fits there guys!...

19th February 2012, 23:35
Wow. Momotaro overload. Gurrait fits!

Hope that cultizm will have some special offers soon. Even if only 10 %...

20th February 2012, 04:39

Nope havent soak them yet.

27th February 2012, 11:35
Momotaro new Copper label, 14oz Zimbabwe cotton

Classic Straight Cut G019-MB
Tight Straight Cut G017-MB

14th March 2012, 17:32
Tenue de Nîmes Sulphur Denim (http://www.tenuedenimes.com/shop/product/tenue-de-nimes-x-momotaro-e007tdn001/)







Max Power
14th March 2012, 17:47
That looks nice. I want to have a look at it the next time I visit TDN. I am confused now - was sulphur a fading dye or not? I think it wasn't.

14th March 2012, 17:53
IIRC they're sulphur dyed warp and natural weft, yes they can fade.... at least Menno told me so and he offered me a pair :lol:

edit: only 17 pairs were made, dunno if you still have a chance to see them :p

Max Power
15th March 2012, 11:46
probably not...how the hell did you manage not to get talked into buying one?

15th March 2012, 11:54
if im not joining sams contest, i would prolly get a pair :p

remember this fabric
http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/307999_272222639477209_123818694317605_913040_3561 56133_n.jpg

TdN would make blue warp and red weft for this collabo but audience chose grey sulphur and natural weft :lol:

15th March 2012, 12:08
that stuff is too gimmickly for my tastes :-P

15th March 2012, 15:28
it's just plain grey jean and i like it tho' :p

the Europe Label one ER007-3B (€249), same fit but lighter gray than the TdN sulphur E007TDN001 (€329,90)







16th March 2012, 21:28
Reminds me a bit of FullCount 1806W...denim and color.

16th March 2012, 22:39
Sulphur dye fades. But not fast (as in... really slow). Mixture based dyes, with sulphur added are for example seen on the Japan Blue models.

1st April 2012, 10:21
The collaboration between Momotaro and Blue Owl (http://blueowlworkshop.blogspot.com/2012/03/introducing-momotaro-x-blue-owl.html)



Max Power
1st April 2012, 11:04
Many new pairs are done lately. I like the middle one best.

IIIrd Icon
1st April 2012, 23:51
middle one, like-wise.... :shock: strange similarity to my "Special OPs" stealth stripes.

here's the fit pix of 701s [SU1 @W34] with the newly painted acrylic " Inversed" GTB stripe [low-profile]. i find the white stripe too much of an attention grabber, so i made them sorta low-profile & stealthy [ei.,while denim is still raw+dark]. hence, the "Special Ops" version :cool:




Max Power
2nd April 2012, 07:10
Yes, I had to think of your pair too. Maybe they too the inspiration from that.

2nd April 2012, 13:52
i really hope that i can visit Capsule show in June, still not sure... gotta check all their new jeans :roll: Momotaro is doing "fierce" lately, they really step the game up ;-)

Enn Zed
10th May 2012, 05:13
Hi guys, just picked up a pair of the 0100SP - an impulse/opportunity buy but I really did 'need' another pair of denims! I still need to get them hemmed and was wondering how much I should expect them to shrink in length? For example if I want an inch of cuff long term, do I leave 2 inches and double cuff until the first shrink? Thanks for your help.

Max Power
10th May 2012, 07:07
The SP models shrink max. 1" in the inseam to my experience.

Enn Zed
11th May 2012, 06:40
Great, thank you. Time to cut! Wish I had someone with a chainstitcher near me

Cold Summer
14th May 2012, 13:46
Gotta be honest, I don't know a lot about Momotaro. Do they make anything that would appeal to a tall skinny dude like me?

14th May 2012, 21:06
Gotta be honest, I don't know a lot about Momotaro. Do they make anything that would appeal to a tall skinny dude like me?

The 0705SP or the 0701 would be your best bet. Or you could look into the JB offerings.

Max Power
14th May 2012, 21:56
Yes, but 0701 would be better for cs as their inseam is longer.

Cold Summer
15th May 2012, 00:38
0701s look nice! It's another one to consider along with Eternal 811s and Samurai S710xx. I'm having trouble finding this one on Japanese sites though, is it called something else in Japan?

18th May 2012, 17:14
hey guys, im looking forward to buying a momotaro 0100sp but really confused of the sizing. Should i get my true size or should i down size? btw, i wear a size 31 in nudie thin finn, what size should i get? thanks

19th May 2012, 18:46


Max Power
19th May 2012, 19:54
really nice fit.

20th May 2012, 20:45
really nice fit.

Thanks... Not wearing them that much, since I'm committed to a pair of 0701's right now. Will start wearing them next year.

21st May 2012, 16:20
Talking about 0701, here's my 7 months pair. N0 washes


In this picture you can see how dirty they are

30th May 2012, 21:09
Hey guys,

haven't been on mynudies for a very long time.. :(
Anyways, I am thinking about picking up a pair of Japan Blue's. I am looking for something that is a bit tight, but not too skinny.
I have a pair of slim jims and eternal 811's, both in size 32.

Does anyone know what size I should get? I do not mind when the top button can't be closed on the first try.

What do you guys prefer, the 0700SP or the JB0701.

I have already asked this question on supertalk, but maybe you guys can give me better sizing advice as more people here have tried on a pair of SJ.

thanks in advance!

Max Power
31st May 2012, 07:07
Hm, I own the SJ which is vanity sized, so you might want to size down. But, best way is to measure your SJ and then compare to the size charts here:
This fit guide has been 100% true on my 0201 and 0905 SP. The JB are not listed but AFAIK the cuts are the same.
The 0705SP is the "better" jeans, heavier, slubbier and more exclusive denim, but the JB is also a good pair of jeans. Your decision.

31st May 2012, 12:50
0700sp are the collabs jeans with momotaro, jb0701 is their own line. as i said before both are same denim and cut but different detail (patch, rivet, inseam thread, buttons, backpocket detail). if you like eyecatchy/hype jeans then you may go for 0700sp because of Momotaro battle stripes on right backpocket.

my SJ is size 27 (SDO) and i would go TTS if size 28 is available in JB line (afaik 29 is the smallest). for exact sizing, you can ask rob@okiya.eu

16th June 2012, 08:03
Which model is the slimmest for japan blue? I'm new to this brand.

IIIrd Icon
9th July 2012, 21:47
Momo702 tagged W33




__NO, they din't produce a lot w/ blue tabs... they're DIY ["Japan" tab from my PBJ 007].

Max Power
10th July 2012, 06:42
They look really nice...very interesting pair.

10th July 2012, 10:51
all your Momo jeans look interesting to me, from the DIY black painted Vintage (Battle) Label to this blue tab 0702, you're so creative! and fit is spot on...

IIIrd Icon
10th July 2012, 17:41
^... or maybe just bored ;-)

tnx Ika & Flo!

12th July 2012, 11:28
some words from K himself, son of Japan Blue president ;-)


25th July 2012, 21:50
Momo 0701. First soak after 4 a 5 months part time wear







Max Power
26th July 2012, 06:40
Momotaros are well crafted but they simply don't fade well (IMO). I have not seen a really impressive pair so far (of course that depends on personal preference, just saying. And I am allowed to do so, as I own two pairs.)

26th July 2012, 13:28
Momotaros are well crafted but they simply don't fade well (IMO). I have not seen a really impressive pair so far (of course that depends on personal preference, just saying. And I am allowed to do so, as I own two pairs.)

Satchelbmoore's pair might prove you're wrong. Look them up at StyleForum.

But I know what you mean. Progress is quite slow on them.

26th July 2012, 13:46
depends on each individual.

Tuomas's copper label pair from NDH for example, he wore em for whole year and look very faded and beaten up (top one)

and i still like Rob's 0901, he's worn for 8 months effectively (left one compared to NFxMomotaro which i've worn for a year)

19th November 2012, 22:25
After a couple of months of not posting, here is an update.
Momotaro 0701. 13 months old, 11 months effective wear. 1 Initial soak and no washes.

30th December 2012, 17:14

Little teaser.

3rd June 2013, 19:55
A somewhat late update on the progress of my Naked & Famous x Momotaro Skinny jeans.

I've had to retire these because they are now ridiculously tight after the 3rd wash and me putting on 3 kilos after joining the gym(!).

The pair have seen approximately 2 years of wear.


IIIrd Icon
26th September 2013, 06:43
Momo MJ2103 O/W