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19th October 2008, 23:36

We are scott jess and haylee from New Zealand,

We are doing a fashion marketing assignment for our fashion degree and would love your opinion on our concept!..

concept is:

A store which sells raw denim jeans..upon selecting a style, the customer has the option of selecting different washes or treatments to be done professionally to their jeans. Offering the customer the option to customise their jeans and have them aged without having to wait for them to do so naturally. Every pair would therefore come out customised for the individuals wants or tastes. The process would take 3 days and would all be done on site! The laundered experience is an option for customers who CANT WAIT, they may also purchase the jeans raw.

Give us your thoughts! as nudie customers would you be interested in this? and what suggestions would you make?


20th October 2008, 02:55
I wouldn't, not much difference to buying any other pre-wash.

20th October 2008, 02:58
I wouldn't, not much difference to buying any other pre-wash.

indeed, it might be customer specified, but the fades are still gonna look (and be) fake...
not interested at all!

20th October 2008, 03:04
I don't think many people would go for it, the inevitable price difference over buying a regular pre-wash doesn't seem like it would be worth it.

Also, personally I would never buy a pre-wash these days anyway.

20th October 2008, 03:04
I have a feeling the general concensus of everyone here will be that it wouldn't be worth it.

20th October 2008, 03:08
Well kids that are more "trendy" would like it probably, but i and many others here would not, we would just wear them raw.

20th October 2008, 03:08
sorry... but prewashes are not my taste...

jeans are sposed to be personalised by the person wearing it.. not a machine...

20th October 2008, 04:11
its interesting tho :0
i would have jumped on it if i havent met raw jeans

20th October 2008, 05:13
This probably wasn't the best forum to get an unbiased opinion on your question.

I agree with everyone so far. I wouldn't buy a raw pair just to have them made into a pre-wash. Although, I will never buy another pre-wash in my life, so your idea does not appeal to me.

I am sure there are lots of people out there that always buy pre-wash jeans, will spend lots of money just to tell their friends that the jeans they are wearing were made to order just for them.

20th October 2008, 05:27

20th October 2008, 13:15
This probably wasn't the best forum to get an unbiased opinion on your question.

agreed with bilmaga.

i guess you can find alot of people out there who love the kind of jeans treatment you guys offering. but not here. this is where the raw jeans/dry denim lovers gathers IMO.

20th October 2008, 14:45
Actually, from a business perspective, it's not a bad idea. The raw denim market is a small niche market of people who are patient enough to wear their jeans in and enjoy the whole process. A healthy percentage of the world doesn't care. They just want some bad ass looking worn in jeans. Additionally, by offering a product that "customizes" the wear of a pair of jeans for a customer, you're catering to the LARGE number of people who are too impatient to wait but still want some "cool fades". Even though, as we've all mentioned, they still would not look the same as a naturally aged pair, merely the idea of having "custom aged jeans" will have plenty of less informed people chomping at the bit to get a pair. So even though the denim enthusiasts might not buy them, the rest of the world probably well. Remember, if you want to sell heavy volumes, you need to cater to the lowest common denominator. ;-)