View Full Version : Anti-fashion? Pictures... what do you think?

20th July 2008, 18:08
Is this what is sometimes called anti-fashion? I guess many hate it. What do you think?



20th July 2008, 18:23
I don't get it. Anti-fashion as a good or a bad thing? Looks a lot like fashion, without the anti, to me.
That look is not bad at all. I could never wear yellow jeans like those, but I like them on other people.

Gold Soaked Afternoon
20th July 2008, 19:45
arent those prada shoes....not exactly anti-fashion?

just another fellow man
20th July 2008, 19:51
This is what Nudie writes about "anti-fashion":

"As a true jeans brand we are not looking for the short-term trends. The inspiration is far from glamour and catwalks. The biggest challange is to keep the collection tight, like a rock band, and to reflect the feeling of everyday life. The history of jeans has always been closer to rock than to fashion"

:arrow: Your picture has nothing to do with anti-fashion!

20th July 2008, 20:15
Sorrie :oops:

I had a totally wrong definition for "anti-fashion" in my mind... :confused:

Prefer to forget about this thread... :roll:

20th July 2008, 20:28
no reason to be ashamed! Pity you took those pics away.

9th August 2008, 19:09
Repost the pictures :)

This thread is useless without them, while the thread still exists leave the pictures up for the rest of us.

10th August 2008, 09:37
yeah i agree, i would like to see yellow jeans also x__x